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Invest in a split system air conditioner for personalized and efficient cooling in your home. With zoned cooling, energy efficiency, and flexible installation options, split systems offer a quiet and aesthetically pleasing solution. Enjoy cost savings, ease of maintenance, and precise temperature control with this sleek and effective cooling choice. Upgrade your home comfort with a split system air conditioner today.

  • Personalized Cooling: Split systems allow you to control the temperature independently in different rooms or areas, providing customized comfort.

  • Energy Efficiency: Optimize energy usage by cooling only the spaces you need, leading to potential long-term cost savings on utility bills.

  • Flexible Installation: Choose from wall-mounted or floor-standing units to adapt to your home’s layout and design preferences.

  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy a peaceful indoor environment as the noisy components are located outside, minimizing noise levels.

  • Easy Maintenance: Keep the system running efficiently with simple maintenance tasks like regular filter cleaning and occasional professional check-ups.

  • Cost Savings: While the initial investment may be higher, the energy savings and targeted cooling capabilities contribute to potential long-term cost savings.

  • Temperature Control: Benefit from advanced features such as programmable thermostats, timers, and remote controls for convenient and precise control over the indoor climate.

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George. L
Split System Installation
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I highly recommend Splitworld for anyone looking for reliable and affordable split system installation services. Their commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and overall professionalism truly set them apart from the competition.
Tristan. P
Split System Repair
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The repair was completed efficiently and the technician was professional and courteous throughout the entire process. They also provided me with some helpful tips for maintaining my unit to prevent any future issues.
Natalie. K
Split System Replacement
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I recommend Split World for affordable and reliable Split System services. They were knowledgeable and professional throughout the process, explaining options clearly and providing a prompt and efficient installation.

frequently asked questions

A split system air conditioner is a type of air conditioning system that is composed of two separate units – one unit is installed outside the building and the other unit is installed inside. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, while the indoor unit contains the evaporator. The two units are connected by a network of pipes that circulate refrigerant and transfer heat between the two units. Split system air conditioners are popular because they are quiet and efficient, allowing for independent temperature control in different rooms of the building. They are often installed in homes, offices, and commercial spaces, and come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit different cooling needs. Maintenance is generally straightforward, with periodic cleaning and filter replacement recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

We operate all around Melbourne! If you need a split system air conditioning service, replacement or new installation get in contact with us and we can help!

Yes, we can provide guidance and information on replacing your split system cooling system. We will pick the best suited split system air conditioning unit for your living conditions. Feel free to get in contact with us for a free no obligation chat!

Choosing the best split system unit for your needs depends on several factors, including your climate, the size of the area you want to cool, your budget, and any specific features or requirements you have.

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